Avid Benchmark Leveltech X System
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Avid Benchmark Leveltech X System

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Comfort really can be the difference between an enjoyable session and
an arduous one

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Avid Benchmark Leveltech X System

Comfort really can be the difference between an enjoyable session and
an arduous one. There have been no compromises made when it comes
to the components used and the attention to detail with all Benchmark
LevelTech products.
The Benchmark LevelTech range also features spirit levels built into the 2
throw hinges at the top of the frame, making levelling your bed a much easier
task and ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed over the mattress
when sleeping and helping to relieve pressure points.
Both models feature a 5 season rated double-layer duvet. The outer duvet
is waterproof and carries an external draft baffle to eliminate cold air from
passing through the zips.
The inner duvet is reversible and uses fleece on one side and smooth
peachskin on the other. The inner duvet can also be removed very quickly
by simply unzipping each side, then releasing the toggles at the foot end.
The inner duvet also carries an internal draft baffle to further protect from
cold air getting through the zips.
Both systems also have the benefit of a larger void in the foot section. This
is has been added to allow for more movement and comfort for your feet,
allowing you to sleep in any position without the usual tight feeling around
your feet which is associated with other systems.

LevelTech leg system (patent pending)

The one-touch leg mechanism makes for easy work of levelling your bed

Stepped inner leg eliminates slippage

2x spirit levels built in to throw hinges

Lumbar support system

50mm fleece-lined memory foam mattress

Reinforced Frame support for unrivalled strength and longevity

Pivoting Mud feet for solid positioning

X Model features 4 legs for increased support and strength

Reinforced material in areas around hinge points to eliminate wear

5 season rating

Double layer duvet

Waterproof top layer alleviates the need for sleeping bag cover

Internal & external draft baffles

Reversible inner duvet features fleece one side and peachskin on the other

Quick change toggled foot section allows for easy reversing of the inner layer, or when removing for warmer months

Heavy-duty zips

Increased space in foot section for added comfort

  • X Model Dimensions (cm) 38-48 x 90 x 210

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