Browning 2-EXS Competition Carp DL 11.5m
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Browning 2-EXS Competition Carp DL 11.5m

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  • 2EX-S COMPETITION CARP DL: The ideal pole for match fishing for large fish on commercials or carpodromes
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Browning 2-EXS Competition Carp DL 11.5m

  • 2EX-S COMPETITION CARP DL: The ideal pole for match fishing for large fish on commercials or carpodromes
  • PROPERTIES: Incredibly easy to handle despite the considerable power, elastic rating: Own 20 thanks to 4.5/5.5mm Duo Bush tip diameter
  • DL CONCEPT: Precisely 11.5m long with the reversible mini-extension to fully exploit the maximum permitted length
  • COMPATIBILITY: 100% compatible with all Xitan and 2ex-S poles from sections 1 to 7
  • Supplied with one 3m puller power kit in the pole and three spare 2exs/xitan SLK-L 4.5mm kits 
  • Also supplied in hioldall with mini extension 

The new DL series poles finally make heavy, cumbersome carp poles a thing of the past. The poles set themselves apart with unprecedented lightness and speed combined with incredible robustness that can easily stand up to even monster specimens. With this unique alliance of easy handling and strength, the DL poles are sure to capture the imagination of carp pole anglers as well as all anglers seeking a unique pole for every imaginable situation on the water.DL stands for Dual Length. To account for the maximum permitted full lengths on many carpodromes or commercials, all poles in the series are designed to allow them to be fished at lengths of precisely 11.5 m. These lengths are reached with a mini-extension which, thanks to an innovative, lightweight carbon composite, no longer has a negative impact on the pole’s action..The 2ex-S Competition Carp DL is aimed, as the name suggests, at anglers who fish regular matches on commercial fisheries and need a pole that can meet the toughest demands. Our testers were certainly impressed. Numerous matches were won with the Competition Carp DL during testing.Overview of the key features: • All kits are supplied equipped with Duo Bush in the tip and Sidepuller inserts at the end of the kit. • Compact transport dimensions. • Lightweight and high-performance mini-extension for 11.5.

Item number: 10607115 Material:
EAN: 4029569256037 Premium Tubes: yes
Group: Carp Power poles Precision Point: yes
Brand: Browning Pole Protector: yes
Family: ²eX-S No Cutting Needed: yes
Length: 11.5m Strenghtened Stress Points: yes
Sections: 7 SLK: yes
Tr.-Length: 1.75m Section Alignment: yes
Weight: 665g

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