Daiwa Tournament® System Whip

Daiwa Tournament System Whip 8m

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The best whip and short pole system ever designed...simple!

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Daiwa Tournament System Whip 8m

Created as a standard 8.0m, spliced tip whip that combines a telescopic top three with

take apart sections. This allows it to be used to hand and as a short pole on canals,

drains and rivers for seed and punch work. When combined with the hollow tip and

the 9.0m and 10.0m extensions it truly enters a world of its own and in the right

hands becomes a deadly match fishing weapon. Used to devastating effect on the

Severn the whip has regularly accounted for winning weights in excess of 50lbs.




• MSG & HM58M carbon

• Extends up to 10 metres

• Perfectly blended flick tip top



Supplied wit h

• Two spare hollow top three kits

(Suitable for No6 elastic)

• Slide easy finish on 6 to 8ms

• Spare hollow top threes available



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