Preston Inception SeatBox Deal
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Preston Inception SeatBox Deal

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Preston Inception SeatBox Deal

Based on the Inception SL30, the Inception has a number of key improvements while keeping the same popular deep side draw and deep base configuration. The handwheels have been upgraded to include a soft touch coating, making them easy to use in cold weather and wet conditions. 4 Tele legs are now supplied, creating a more adjustable box for unforgiving terrain and when wading in water. The footplate is now locked in position by two retractable plungers, making it quicker than ever to set up and ensuring the footplate is locked in the perfect position every time. Each unit comes complete with the Revolutionary Mag-Lok clips, these ensure that the units are held securely together but can be opened in a second, giving access to the base compartment.

  • Padded Seat
  • 100mm Base Unit
  • 2 x 30mm Standard Legs 50cm
  • 4 x 30mm Telescopic Legs 50cm
  • Cassette BarFootplate
  • Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Deep Side Drawer Unit
  • H53 X W79.5 X D55.3-79.5cm
  • Weight 11.25kg

Free Of charge Item included with the Box

  • Precision Rod Sage - Designed primarily for natural style fishing, the Rod Safe – Precision is perfect when you need to drag your feeder slightly or make incredibly fine adjustments to the tip when using braided mainlines. There are raised ends to help keep your rod on the rest, even during violet bites.

  • Off Box Wheel Kit - Designed specifically to make seatbox transportation simple, the Offbox Wheel Kit is a compact solution for the angler who requires a wheel kit to transport their seatbox. Designed to universally fit a wide range of seatboxes, this unique wheel kit makes transportation simple thanks to the sectional design of the frame. This allows the wheel kit arms to be left fitted to the seatbox which enables the angler to simply remove the wheels and pull handle making it easy to assemble.

    Supplied with two robust wheels, super strong connecting knuckles and a pull handle the Offbox Wheel Kit can transport heavy loads with ease, perfect for the modern-day angler.

  • Venta-lite Multi side tray - An extremely versatile side tray that can be used in a number of ways, it can be used as a conventional side tray on the side of a seatbox, as a second corner side tray or as a rear tray. Constructed from Venta-lite material which helps to reduce weight and increase air circulation, keeping your bait cool. A super strong Offbox clamping knuckle is located on the corner of the tray and can be fitted to any seatbox using the supplied inserts (23mm, 25mm, 30mm) or 36mm without the use of an insert.

  • Offbox XS Feeder Arm Standard - The Preston Offbox XS Feeder Arms boasts dual fixing points that help to make this seat box accessory ultra-stable. Perfect for use with traditional-style seat boxes as well as stations, one of these fixing points can be situated under the seat box frame.

    Ideal for a wide variety of venues, the XS Feeder Arms are extremely versatile and feature easy angle tilt adjustment along with telescopic feature so that the rest can be positioned at any angle and at multiple lengths to best suit your needs at the bank. 

    If that was not enough, the XS feeder arms are supplied with quick-release inserts (30mm round, 25mm round & 23mm OnBox inserts; x2 of each) that allow you to quickly remove the rod rest head when you feel the need to do so, which is great when it comes to cleaning or for storage

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