Preston world champion tray and net bag



A concise range of high quality luggage which meets the needs of the modern feeder angler.

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Preston world champion tray and net bag

The World Champion Feeder Team Luggage is constructed from a mixture of high quality 840D wipe clean fabric and EVA, providing durability and longevity.

Each item has been designed in conjunction with the England National Feeder Team to create the ultimate collection of luggage for any feeder angler.

The World Champion Tray & Net Bag is the perfect bag for your side trays, landing nets, riddles, keepnets, etc. The Tray & Net Bag has several features which makes it incredibly user friendly, the double welded seal inside the main pocket completely eliminates water leakage and stops any bad smells leaking into your vehicle. This main area is very spacious and deisgned to take up to two 4 metre keepnets.

We've increased the size of the external pocket too, enabling you to store items like a Storm Shield Side Tray, landing nets and more!