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  • Featuring an in-turned point, this pattern has been based on a hook that Terry Hearn used to adapt by modifying another hook on the market.
  • With a wide variety of applications, this hook can be used for both bottom bait or pop-up presentations and is particularly useful when fishing over gravel as the in-turned point is far less likely to damage when you retrieve.
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  • This is a brand new pattern which has been created by combining short and long shank curved hooks resulting in a very effective hook.
  • Featuring a slightly downturned eye, this hook turns the instant you tighten the hooklink ensuring that it hooks up straight away.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of rigs, it will also prove very popular for use with the 360° rig.
  • This will undoubtedly be the most popular pattern within the range.
  • Featuring a straight point, unlike many of our competitors the SCS features a straight eye which increases its flexibility when it comes to certain rigs.
  • Probably the most diverse hook in the range, it can again be used with both bottom and pop-up presentations and is particularly suited to Withy Pool, KD and Snowman set ups
  • Designed to provide a pattern for the fastest growing method in Carp Fishing over the past few years, the SRC is the result of very carefully studying the two most popular Stiff Rig & Chod hooks on the market and combining the best features from both of them to create the ultimate hook for these methods.
        • Tried, tested and proven, each and every V-Curve hook is produced to the strictest quality control that has established the Razor Point hook brand as a market leader and firm favourite for the most demanding of situations. The ultimate carp hook!
        • Dura-Point Technology.
        • Highest grade Carbon Steel.
        • Non-glare PTFE Finish
        • Patented V-Curve shape.

  • This is the first dedicated pattern designed for the increasingly popular method of Zig fishing.
  • Featuring a short shank, wide gape with long straight needle point, the eye has been very slightly out-turned to ensure that the hook sits perfectly beneath the zig foam.
Over three years of development and the last two years spent thoroughly field testing prototype samples has culminated in the launch of a new range of hooks that we believe sets a new standard in strength and point durability. New manufacturing...
  • Barbless
  • Three years of development
  • Cryogenically tempered
  • Incredibly strong
  • Durable ultra sharp needle points
  • Tufflon coated
  • Straight eye, inclined towards the shank
  • 13-degree in-turned eye
  • Excellent anti-eject properties
  • Highly versatile pattern

Available in sizes 4, 6, 7, 8, & 10.