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List of products by brand Middy

Product available with different options

The classic avon trotter brought up to date. These are made with a spigoted joint glass filled stem to create the perfect balance. They are ideal for holding back in fast flowing water. Five in the range, 3BB, 4BB, 6BB,...


Ideal for faster swims and trotting the far bank on all baits, but especially bread. The perfect river chub/barbel pattern available in four sizes 2.5AAA, 3.5AAA, 3SSG and 4SSG


The no1 original elastic that is fluo colour impregnated. Nine sizes are in the range from 1-2 to 22-24 grade. Made from a special mix of lattices that give incredible strength and stretch. It is pre-coated ready for use on...


A very strong eyed carp hook designed for summer bagging sessions on commercial match lakes. Try tying them with a knotless knot plus hair with particle baits affixed and get ready for a feeding frenzy. Available in sizes: 8 to...


The KM-2 is an exceptionally strong beak-point hook, with an upturned eye for creating rigs with a hair. The upturned eye allows the hair to hang in-line for better hooking. These hooks are perfect for carp commercials and you get ten in a packet. 

Product available with different options

New KM1 Eyed Hook tied with a knotless knot and the superb Las-soo noose. Simply place the bait in the noose and slide up the gripper stop. Ideal for pellet work for carp or barbel. Available in sizes: 8s to...

Product available with different options

technically advanced flurocrystal is made from a specially forumatednew generation of polymers. This line has superior knot strength to many other low diameter lines, this is because it has been designed to have adegree of stretch. usually low diameter lines...


Designed for fishing up-in-the-water to a maximum depth of 30cm. This float allows you to present what looks like a totally free-falling offering and mug surface-cruising carp into taking the bait. Available in two pre-loaded sizes - 0.3g and 0.4g.